Lighting solution for Working at Hazardous Locations

The need

Good lighting is very important for efficient working at construction zones. These construction zones may be located at hazardous areas. For example, working at busy road construction zones can be dangerous and serious incidents can take place if proper lighting and night searchers are not available. Streetlights do not provide the level of illumination that can ensure workers’ and another people’s safety.

The right illumination plan

For a lighting plan, it is crucial to choose nightsearcher that provide the correct level of illumination (measured in ‘foot candles’ or ‘lux’). Foot candle measures the light of one candle over a surface of one square foot. For efficient working on construction zones, the lighting plan must incorporate head torches in addition to the area lights and portable lights. Lux is a metric equivalent to foot candle.

Light up the zone

For hazardous locations, safety apparel must incorporate head torches for workers.  In addition to the area lights, portable emergency lights and hazard warning lights form an important part of the illumination plan.

Area lights

Energy Efficient High Powered Led Floodlights are a great option when it comes to area lights. It is designed to work with LED to provide high powered lighting in a small case. These floodlights can be powered off very small (1Kva) generators and provide 30W - 2400 Lumens output. Energy Efficient High Powered Led Floodlights are insensitive to weather conditions, making them one of the perfect lighting solutions for work zones.

Hazard warning lights and portable lights

Pulsar-pro lights ensure that safety measures are not taken for granted by providing 360° Illumination and 10 Light modes. They are water-proof and are visible from over 1 kilometre.  

‘Panther series’ are excellent nightsearcher; Panther HID with high intensity discharge Xenon (HID) provides over 3 times more light than traditional search lights, Panther XHP projects a 1200m beam from 1500 lumens and Panther Led Lite provides a 1000 metre spot beam.